Apr 29 2015

We Remember Callie

This is Callie. Callie was THE sweetest cat that ever lived. She was a stray that came running up to me from the woods across the street one day in October of 1998. She was skinny and skittish and afraid of barking dogs. Day after day I would pull in the driveway after work and she would run out of the woods to me meowing. I started to feed her and as the nights grew cold, I set out a shelter for her with blankets, water and food. After doing a search to see if a family was missing her, I took her in. You could always tell that she appreciated being rescued, showing it every day in loving ways. She never bit or scratched and truly had the best temperament of any cat I’ve ever known.

We all loved her very much and you could feel the love from her. Sadly, she got sick and passed away at the young age of 14 on 3/2/12.

We continue to miss her every day!

Love you Callie <3 Our thoughts are with Lynn Szot. Thank you for sharing this beautiful memorial tribute.



Lifelearn Admin | Pet Memorials

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