Apr 29 2015

We Remember Zeus

Zeus belonged to the Gaeta family and is sorely missed. Jeanie received Zeus from Johnson Veterinary Hospital after he was abandoned by his former owner. Zeus lived happily for 11 years and I truly miss him. He was, and forever will be, a family member. He was a K-9 trained guard dog and because of this training, he and I shared a very special bond. He would have given his life to protect me or my family and I would have happily done the same. He was there for me during a very tough time in my life and I knew every day that when I went home, just being with him would make me feel so much better. Zeus also for a short time was a therapy dog. I would bring him in to see my son in the hospital and all the other children and they would just light up with laughter and smiles. I will never forget the time I had with him on earth and I know in my heart he will be waiting for me when I cross the rainbow bridge and he will meet me in heaven.

Our thanks to Jeanie Gaeta for this memorial tribute

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